Kenyans vote Tuesday in a difficult contest



Kenyans vote Tuesday in a difficult contest


By John Eche


As polling stations open Tuesday morning in critical elections to choose a successor to outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta, analysts say that Kenyans are voting in what is clearly a very difficult contest.


And the reason for this conclusion is not far-fetched: the two leading contenders, the veteran, Raila Odinga and the incumbent Deputy President , William Samuel Ruto are not coming across as what beleaguered Kenyans would ordinarily have wanted.


While Odinga, son of the notble but long deceased political gladiator, Odinga Odinga, is seen as being too advanced in age, Ruto on the other hand has over time come to be enmeshed in so many allegedly scandalous transactions that tend to cast a spell on his integrity.


None of the other contenders look like they have the muscle to pull though with an upset.


Kenya is one of East Africa’s most populous states and is also acknowledged as the sub-region’s economic behemoth.





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