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Lagos commuters face tough traffic



By Timeyin Mammah


Commuters in the Lagos area entering the city from the Lagos-Ibadan expressway are at the moment caught up in a most disturbing traffic crawl. Specifically, the problem stretches from Ibafo on the Ogun State stretch through Berger in the Lagos area.

The obstruction which reportedly began this morning has led to bumper-to-bumper driving on the road with many wondering what the problem is.

Worst hit are school children who are reporting late in schools in the areas affected and others on schedule appointments. It is also expected that many workers would accordingly be reporting late at work today.

There are also reported instances of congestion on the ever-busy Ojota stretch of Ikorodu Road.

Advises the online traffic ombudsman, ‘Ibafo to Long Bridge to Berger, no go area for now.’

No definite reasons have presently been adduced for the situation but feelers are pointing at the expanding spate of bad roads, the absence of pedestrian bridges on the highway and the customary increase in numbers of weekend commuters making their way into Lagos on Fridays and in the marked absence of a very well developed mass transit grid.


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