Land and the economy: Two winners for Ramaphosa


ANC, Ramaphosa may yet win in 2019 polls

By Tasie Theodore


Reports of South Africa’s Parliament currently endorsing the controversial land reforms proposal is joining with Tuesday’s news of a 2.2 percent resurgent GDP growth momentum in South Africa to give embattled President Cyril Ramaphosa a stronger fighting chance in the build up to the 2019 General Elections.

As adopted, the parliamentary endorsement is backing a populist-driven momentum for the government to freely expropriate land from notably, white farmers without compensation.

The opposition Democratic Alliance and a number of rights organisations are still not in favour of the move as they argue that it is an affront on individual property rights in the shrt term and a deterrent notably for foreign investors, across the long haul.

For Ramaphosa in particular, he had not individually been a very strong defender of the move historically. However when the opposing Zuma camp took it up as an article of faith at the last Conference of the party and successfully rallied the mainstream into adopting it, he was forced to shift leftward and tag along with the proposition.


President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa



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