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Lessons from the Ozubulu disaster



The Ozubulu, Anambra violence is a reflection of things gone real bad

By Tasie Theodore


Condolence messages, cmments and reactions have continued to pour in on the latest carnage in Ozubulu in the Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.

The incident which took place in a Catholic Church in the town, led to the deaths of at least 12 people even as several other victims remain hospitalised.

Preliminary findings indicate that the genesis was a face-off between two rival gangs of South African-based drug dealers who have their roots in the South Eastern community.

The Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano has promised that justice will be done and everyone ‘involved in the crime brought to book.’

In a series of impassioned tweets, the Social media activist, Juliet ‘Kego remarked severally about the carnage

‘We have redefined our values in Nigeria, it is now a new cool where thieves, drug dealers, leaders who have stole us dry buy the church..

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT is a huge problem; DEBASED VALUES; this horrible “get-rich-quick” culture where crooks are celebrated, is a huge problem!

We need to get to a place where Youths from all divides rise above petty ethnic jingoism and ADDESS ROOT ISSUES affecting their demographic!

Govt can start with ONE state or 6 states; one in each of the geo-political zones and RADICALLY REFORM POLICE on a pilot basis, then cascade

North has a problem of DRUG ABUSE, East has a problem of DRUG DEALING. We can no longer be POLITICALLY CORRECT. The reality/data speaks

Police Reforms must work hand in hand with NEW VALUES/MINDSET CONSTRUCT. A society that celebrates crooks/criminals will be run over by ’em!

Ask any ETHICAL Nigerian student/professional in Malaysia, India, South Africa etc about the menace of our YOUTHS IN DRUG DEALING. It is sad

The most painful thing is that a lot of lives will be touched -vely when a young person decides to venture into the world of drug abuse.

In 2015, we started a series of difficult conversations with our Youths, specifically about menace of drug dealing. Too many lives wasting..

Donald Duke gave some clear pointers on practical ways to REFORM @PoliceNG Please why not shun partisanship and start off with his pts??

I saw videos of the CRIME SCENE at Ozubulu and my heart sank even further! POLICE did not seal off the area? Evidence bared for all?

Clad in Black, often with a crude, huge cross, they call him “Bishop”…What sick irony. Drug-dealers & killers who build & donate churches!

The police as currently structured and operating, are NOT professional, ethical, equipped or versed to handle the level of insecurity..

At least 3 Nigerians in top positions/excelling in Canadian Police. Why not engage them and many others in diaspora to REFORM @PoliceNG

We need to urgently REFORM our Police Services, as first responders to any crime scene and also all Medical Emergency Response Services

We MUST have open, honest, difficult conversations about DEBASED VALUES in our society -family, churches, work/biz places, schools, politics

In 2015, we started a series of difficult conversations with our Youths, specifically about menace of drug dealing. Too many lives wasting..

@WillieObiano Please, I pray that the Govt provides adequate healthcare to the wounded and PTSD intervention to all parishioners in Ozubulu.’





Age is more than a number!

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