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Liberians want improvement in food, currency, transport


The Historic inauguration of George Oppong Weah as President

By Nsikan Ikpe


There is immense pressure on President-Elect George Weah as he takes office, Monday.

As at the time of going to press, the roads leading to the stadium where the inauguration events are being held was already thronging with queues of citizens, eager to take their places in the stands as the historic inauguration ceremony, takes place.

Incidentally, it is the first person-to-person democratic transition taking place in the country since 1944.

A lot of citizens are expecting immediate improvement and that food prices, the value of the Liberian dollar and the exchange rate and transportation costs within the country will all be halved between now and the end of February, 2018

However, the reality is that the new President is inheriting a ‘depressed export economy.’ So how does he deliver?

Analysts say it will do him well to ensure that he begins right from the current moment to help shed proper light on the depth of the challenges he is faced with.


President-Elect George Weah





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