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Libya slavery: Finally, 242 Nigerian victims are evacuated


UN mulls sanctions

By Nsikan Ikpe


After days of keeping things at the rather subdued inter-ministerial committee level, Nigeria on Tuesday finally moved to take some action on the subject of Black African slavery in Libya.

According to reports, the National Emergency Management Authority, NEMA has presently received some 242 migrants from Nigeria that had been caught up in the Libya debacle and who were rescued and repatriated on the initiative of the International Organisation for Migration, IOM.

However, concern is being raised as to the adequacy of the response with some arguing that since this has been a very open public assault on the country and black Africans, its resolution should therefore not be handled in a seemingly private manner!

‘Nigeria has to openly and publicly censure Libya, insist on a full AU/UN-convened investigation and disclosure, an unqualified end to the obnoxious practice and a subsequent AU/UN Observer mission to ensure total compliance going forward,’ one commentator remarked.

In his own view, notable Buhari administration critic and former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode agonised on twitter:

And in a related development, the United Nations, UN is said to be presently considering a regime of sanctions on Libya over the issue. The move, which is at the level of the Security Council, is being proposed by France, one of five permanent members on the influential body.

Considerable public outrage has greeted media revelations of the existence of the obnoxious practice.


Mr Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s Foreign Minister

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