Matters arising as Ugandans await polls outcome


Matters arising as Ugandans wait polls outcome



By John Eche



As tension continues to be felt all over Uganda following Thursday’s polls, analysts are wondering how several matters arising from the conduct of the polls would be resolved, The Difference has learnt.


Voting came to a close Thursday with concern all over the world as to whether everything had indeed been done to ensure a hitch-free process.


First is the issue of the reportedly heavy use of force by security agencies against opposition supporters and electoral agents in the build-up to the polls.


Second, several election monitors from the United States and several other ‘unfriendly territories’ were denied accreditation to cover the polls.


Third, the internet shutdown ordered by the Museveni government had the effect of even affecting the election itself as biometric accreditation machines were also to be affected leading to a recourse to the less fool-proof manual voters accreditation system.


The fiercely contested polls had incumbent President Yoweri Museveni slugging it out with Mr. Robert Kyagulanya, aka Bobi Wine and nine other presidential contenders.


Among other world leaders who have expressed their concern over the management of the electoral process is the UN Secretary General. In a statement, he called on the authorities to ensure transparency and fairness in the process. He also cautioned the security agencies from doing anything that would call to question their impartiality in the process, urging them to maintain the highest standards of human rights observance.




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