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Moonglow, new Okigbo book makes debut


Book coming 50 years after death of author

By Ada Anioji


Some 50 years after his untimely demise, a new book, Moonglow and other Poems, has been published to the credit of one of Africa’s most illustrious poets, Christopher Okigbo.

The book, a collection of poems is coming on the stables of the publishers, BookCraft Africa.

The notice of this development was communicated on the Twitter handle of the company on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

‘bookcraftafrica‏ @bookcraftafrica

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new book, Moonglow and Other Poems by one of Nigeria’s most renowned poets, Christopher Okigbo!’

The news is also coming on the heels of a Conference at the University of Ibadan held to celebrate 50 years of the transition of Okigbo.

Author of the seminal collections, Heavensgate and Path of Thunder, Okigbo died while fighting on the Biafran side, during the Nigerian Civil War.

Before his death, Okigbo, who took a degree from the University of Ibadan, had also worked as a librarian and publisher, with his last publishing project being as a co-owner of a publishing firm located in Enugu in the then Biafran enclave, with yet another illustrious African writer, the late Chinua Achebe.




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