Mugabe: The impeachment timeline



Process may be drawn into 2018

By John Eche
The process would expectedly begin on Tuesday, November 21 with a simple majority of parliamentarians meeting to vote for impeachment.

If this passes, an investigative committee would then be formed by the lawmakers.

After this committee concludes its work, it would then report back to both houses of parliament

Each house votes by a two-thirds majority for him to be stripped of office.

This is then communicated to the nation and a new president selected.


Snag: Given the mood of the nation presently, can the army and people wait patiently for all of these processes to be methodically followed through?

Again, does this timeline may likely invalidate the planned mid-year 2018 elections that had already been scheduled to hold.


In the eye of the storm: Embattled President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe





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