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New appointments not good for Nigeria


muhammadu buhari

Olanrewaju Oyedeji


Recently President Muhammadu Buhari incurred the wrath of Nigerians with the announcement of a few more of his appointees. Of the total number of appointments, made some 75% are northerners.

Taking a critical look at the list one may begin to say that Buhari is a very patriotic Northerner but one striking thing is that he had contested for the position of President of Federal republic of Nigeria and thus he has the responsibility to ensure unity in diversity.

Again, with threats of secession very high in Nigeria at the moment, one may then think of why, rather than assuage that challenge, the President has now gone on to choose his cabinet in this most unhelpful manner. So bad are the appointments being viewed that the general consensus countrywide is that this indded is a serious error. According to even the Arewa Consultative Youth Forum, “the appointments are lopsided”.

Understandably, PMB got bulk of his votes from the north but still he was voted for Southerners. President Muhammadu Buhari wouldn’t have achieved the Presidency feat without the South-East and South-West. Unity is important in Nigeria. It should be sustained.


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