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Nigeria: Agenda for 2019 (1)


Roadmap to the Nigeria of my dream

By Richard Mammah


The long-awaited 2019 presidential polls are here with us and with it comes the burden of setting an agenda for our nation going forward.


But I will write this piece in installments. And part of the reason for this is the nature of the society in which we live in today. In the ‘hit and run economy’ that sadly is our lot, you are forced to become reductionist, you write when you find some modicum of power and switch off when the DISCO says you have had enough!


So here comes our first break – even before we have started. Please bear with me and return for the other parts. And while we are on this break, please pray with me that I will soon hear the shouts of ‘Up NEPA!’ And then we can continue.


Thanks for your understanding!

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