Nigerian states and the IGR conundrum


‘Restructuring is the final answer’

By Tajudeen Hamzat


The question of Internally Generated Revenue, IGR remains a puzzle in the country. And even when there is widespread belief that states do not really generate anything substantial by way of IGR, the reality however is that this indeed is not altogether true. IGR is not only generated by states but that in several states, its real volume has actually continued to increase.


One report for example outlines that Ekiti State’s IGR literally doubled from N2.34 Billion in 2013 to N4.96 Billion in 2017.


This is not all. In Cross River State, IGR in 1999 was less than 500million naira. However, as at 2008, it had risen to 6.5billion naira.


According to the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, the total IGR generated by states across the country in 2017 was N931.23bn.


This figure is higher than the amount generated in 2016 by as much as N100.04bn, and represents  an increase of 12.03%.


More revealing is the disclosure that as many as 31 states recorded an increase in their IGR in 2017 when compared with their 2016 figures.


Analysts say that to fully tap the revenue potentials of states, the much advocated call for restructuring of the federation would be the final and more enduring answer.




Acting Finance Minister of Nigeria, Zainab Ahmed





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