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Nigerians displeased with APC, Buhari


Score administration low


By Lukmon Akintola


Nigerians have continued to express their displeasure with the performance of the Buhari administration and the ruling All Progressives Party, APC.

This is coming against the backdrop of the widespread ‘Change’ optimism that was part of the 2015 general election that had ushered in President Muhammodu Buhari of All Progressive Congress (APC) party as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In this vein, APC emerged as the ruling party for the first time since the fourth republic, where the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) had been the party steering the ship of state of the country.

Unlike previous administrations, the APC led administration at the federal level inherited gamut of challenges, ranging from economic downturn to political malfeasance as well as insecurity. In a bid to change the status quo, Nigerians voted for CHANGE as stated by APC slogan.

However, several issues have erupted in the past one year of the APC led administration; the Nigerian economic situation is in a state of quagmire as various sectors of the country are down. As at the present, a number of public universities for eample are on strike over one issue or the other. In the light of these, The Difference sought out public opinion to access the APC led administration at federal level, whether it is favorable or unfavorable.

  • Sulaiman Raheem: The APC led administration at the federal level has been doing well in some areas and also performing woefully in certain areas. As for me, I believe this administration has performed excellently in the area of security. This is evident in the combat against the Boko Haram insurgents in Northeastern Nigeria. However, it baffles me that this administration wastes much time chasing corrupt politicians which is overtly geared towards crucifying the opposition party. A major shortcoming of this administration is the failure to diversify from the oil sector. Nigerians are really suffering under this administration which is contrary to the promises they made to us during electioneering campaign. If am to rate this administration, I would say is unfavorable for now.
  • Nurudeen Abdul-Lateef: I see no other word to describe this current administration other ‘worse’. It is painful that I voted for this government, hoping that its policies will favor my business and other spheres, but it became worse. Cost of goods became sky-rocketed over night and income is not increasing. The rising rate of dollar is major concern and yet, our government is behind the close doors making policies that are not feasible. I am pained when I heard about the School feeding scheme. That is a total nonsense. Such policy will not see the light of the day in the phase of poor agricultural sector. Our country is in a bad shape for the past one year, we hope before 2019 things will be fine. As at now, the APC led administration is a total mess and it is highly unfavorable.
  • Akeem Abiodun: Buhari led government has only made partial success in fighting corruption which has been criticized by many especially the opposition party as witch- hunting. Aside that, it is still vague to me to identify the essence of this government while masses are complaining of hardship. But Buhari led government keep capitalizing on price of crude oil in world market and the best way to tackle this, is by uprooting corrupt officials who are not in ruling party while other unforeseen contingencies like herdsmen nemesis, Niger Delta Avengers, famine, etc. are bestowing great destruction on the wounded economy. In a nutshell, even if Buhari is trying hard to actualize his essence as an angel of positive CHANGE, it is clear to everyone that hardship is becoming unbearable, which is to me a negative CHANGE. May be we should be more patient n see whether everything will turn out beta sooner. Nigerians are well known for ”suffering n smiling”
  • Rasaq Monsuru: The government has so far partially made success in combating corruption though contempt has been following such crusade. For me I think the government needs to look beyond the war against corruption and strategize on how to combat other factors that impede our development. The Minister of Finance just claimed this morning that it is official that Nigeria is in recession. No prejudice in this claim and I think both internal and external forces contributed to this. The people are suffering to which the governmrnt is not ignorant of all these. It is high time they looked beyond oil and pay attention to other sectors as well. The CHANGE mantra of the incumbent government may suffer a blow if less regard is given to other issues other than crushing corruption to rebase the economy that will transform the lives of the citizenry. As for assessing the Buhari led government, none I can say for now as Nigeria’s problem as at the time this government came to power has been compounded internally and externally, addressing them will be at huge cost which I think we are experiencing now.
  • Sanyaolu Korede: I will not be swift to judge the present administration based on the present situation we are facing. The past administration has done lots of arm to this country and to reshape things, we have to bear the pain. For instance, consider the huge amount of money Sambo Dasuki and other public office holders squandered during the past administration. Fund that was meant to combat the Boko Haram sect was plundered and scores of Nigerians died as a result. This is a major problem this administration has embattled for us. We should also note that the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy has also cleansed various public offices, as illegal account that were opened in government name are now closed, leaving no room for further embezzlement of public fund. All these policies come along with their challenges. I believe things will still be fine, I think Nigerians should be patient. I can boldly say that this government is favorable.
  • Olaoluwa Taofeek: The APC led administration at the federal level should not be seen as a messiah to come clean the mismanagement that has been running since 1999. We should not expect everything to be normal in the space of one year after various agencies have been infiltrated money-guzzling individuals. This administration has been a victim of global crisis, which is also affecting us too and that could be seen in the oil price and the rise and fall of dollar. This is not peculiar to only Nigeria, other states of world experienced all these too. Albeit, I still have some problem with present administration in its fight against corruption because none of these accused individuals have been jailed. So, it is more or less like a child play. Also, I believe nepotism still has its way in this present administration. In all, I still have hope in this administration and I believe it is favorable.
  • Ololade Moridiyah: I am of the opinion that accessing the APC led administration is too early. While Nigerians are severely experiencing hardship in their businesses, I see it as result of our excessive spending over the years. This administration has been able to block the loop holes and public fund is no more available in excess it use to be. For this administration, it is not game as usual. This is not to say that this administration has strayed in some of its policies. I am still of the opinion a detailed assessment can be done cum 2019.

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