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Nigerians lament resurgent attacks by Islamists, want solutions


Critics decry under-reporting of attacks

By Nsikan Ikpe


Nigerians have decried the spate of resurgent attacks by Islamists in particularly the North East part of the country.

This is coming three years after a self-imposed deadline by the Muhammadu Buhari administration to completely rout the insurgents has lapsed.

Underscoring the height of the crisis, a military base was overrun by the insurgents in Borno recently where tens of soldiers and others were gruesomely massacred.

While many had blamed the attack as being the handiwork of Boko Haram, the Islamic State, IS has also come out to publicly claim responsibility for it.

Meanwhile, critics have harangued the ruling All Progressives Congress and the Nigerian media for not paying sufficient attention to the evidently persisting, if not escalating Islamists insurgency crisis in the country even as diverse explanations continue to be given to explain the rising surge.

While some attribute the upsurge to a lack of transparency in not disclosing the total depth of the crisis ab initio, others say that allegedly reported ransom payments to Islamist groups that had held persons hostage have provided funds for the groups to further boost their capacity. A third view is that with the Islamist State being routed from their earlier strongholds in Iraq and Syria, they have now seemingly turned to softer targets like Nigeria to re-establish their field locations.

In addition, there is equally a feeling among some other commentators that given the fast-approaching general elections in February, the present administration is not in a hurry to take the self-indicting route of freely encouraging the disclosure of news materials that tend to suggest that it has not delivered on its pre-eminent political promise to defeat and root out the insurgency.

And in a related development, President Muhammadu Buhari has dispatched Defence Minister, Dan Ali to Chad to hold high level security discussions with the government of the Central African nation.

On social media, criticism is being inter-laced with suggestions:

Northern Borno is the most strongest base of BH, from Gajiganna, Monguno,Baga, Magumeri, Abadam, Malamfatori (where we lost late Colonel Abu Ali) to the shores of lake chad…. The recent deadly attack happened in Northern Borno! Restrategising is a must….

The Govt isn’t about APC alone, but Nigerians including those in Lake Chad and serving in the Armed forces. Flags should be flying half mast, political events suspended, NatSec meeting held & National address to reassure citizens, salute the fallen & promise severe response.


2013 When Jonathan heads to Chad for a similar meeting after an attack on our soldiers, a politically displaced Elrufai rhetorically tweeted: “To plan more attacks?” Buhari is less committed, thus sending his Minister as he remains in to solve APC internal crisis.

Nigeria’s Army Chief, General Tukur Buratai


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