No easy time for Lungu as Zambia votes


No easy time for Lungu as Zambia votes


By Akpo Ometan


It is clearly not an easy time for incumbent President Edgar Lungu as the peole of Zamba vote today in what would clearly be one of the most contested presidential polls in the Southern African nation.


One of very few African nations that has not been afflicted by the blight of military rule, the country has seemingly sustained very relatively robust electioneering since the formal transition to multi-party democracy. Incidentally, former President Kenneth Kaunda who made that switch was to later be defeated in the polls by labour leader, Frederick Chiluba.


In the current contest however, tempers have been very heavily raised with the two leading parties accusing each other of trying to undermine the process. But observers say the greater part of the heat is on incumbent President Edgar Lungu. In addition to the fact that he only succeeded in beating his star rival, opposition leader Hichelembe by a narrow and controversial margin in their last face-off, he is presiding over an econmy wracked by heavy unemployment numbers, debt, inflation and poverty. A clearly tough call by any standards.



President Edgar Lungu of Zambia


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