Search for African Leader of the Year 2017 begins

By Nsikan Ikpe


The search is on to get the #AfricanLeader2017.

A statement from the organisers, The Difference Newspaper, outlines that the winner would emerge from a polls process presently being undertaken on social media and one in which any of the heads of state of the 55 independent nations of Africa can be nominated.

Good governance, impact on the population, human rights observance, innovative policies and a stellar commitment to national and continental development and integration efforts are the principal criteria being considered:

‘Nominations now open. Help #TheDifferenceNewspaper pick #AfricanLeader2017 from heads of state in the continent. Vote here or on any of its social media platforms. Just indicate name of leader and his/her nation. Thanks.

The successful candidate would be announced at the end of the polls process which would expectedly be rounded off shortly before the end of December, 2017.





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