EFF leader tasks South Africans to accept other Africans

By Nsikan Ikpe


Maveric South African politician, Julius Malema has called on the people of South Africa to be more accommodating towards other Africans, saying that it was wrong to continue to label other Africans living in the country with the derogative moniker, ‘makwerekwere’.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader was addressing hundreds of supporters during their Africa Day celebrations at Jubilee Park in Sunnyside, Pretoria.

He said the day was one for Africans to celebrate themselves and as such it should be a public holiday, without work and school on the day, even as it should be used to teach the young people about where they come from in order to chart the way forward.

“It is when we tell the whole world and those who care to listen that we are African and we are proud. We are not ashamed to be African,” the stormy petrel thundered.

And he was not through:

“Why do we have useless holidays like Reconciliation Day? Reconciliation what? The actual Reconciliation Day is the day those invaders defeated the Zulus; it is not an honest day that should be celebrated by ourselves.

“We are even made to celebrate Christmas Day, yet it has nothing to do with us,” Malema argued, even as his supporters cheered him on.

He also insisted that Africans who referred to African foreigners as “makwerekwere” should stop the obnoxious practice.

“We hate one another today, we kill one another today, because we don’t know who we are.  We call people Zimbabweans, we call people Malawians, we call people who come from outside makwerekwere (a slang for foreigners in South Africa). Where else we are makwerekwere ourselves because we come from where those people come from. None of us. We come from where those people come from,” Malema affirmed.

He said EFF supporters should welcome people from other countries the same way the Khoi and the San welcomed them.

“This is our history,” Malema emphasized, while calling on  fellow South Africans to not see people from Tanzania as their enemies, but rather celebrate African leaders such as Dr Kenneth Kaunda of the former Northern Rhodesia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, who he insisted had very warmly welcomed the ANC and PAC in the exile years.


Julius Malema. EFF leader



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