One month after, #LekkiShootings saga remains



One month after, #LekkiShootings saga remains


By Tasie Theodore


One month after the controversial security action to disperse protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos, the #LekkiShootings saga remains. And underscoring the continuing interest in the story is the recent investigative report by the Cable News Network, CNN which attempted to shed further light on what exactly happened on the fateful night.


Interestingly, the report is coming after several other investigations into the events, including one by the online publication, Premium Times and the ongoing testimonies at the Lagos State Tribunal that had been instituted on the subject.


The #LekkiShootings saga revolves around what exactly had happened on the evening and night of October 20, 2020 when security forces moved in to the site of the #EndSARS protest at the Toll Gate and attempted to disperse the assembled protesters.


While the army, which had earlier suggested it had no hand in the matter, has since come around to accept that it was involved but that it only fired blank bullets into the air to disperse the crowd and with no recorded fatalities, accounts from the live Instagram feed broadcast on that day by DJ switch, and the subsequent Premium Times and CNN reports aver that not only did the security services shoot at protesters, but that they also used live ammunition in the process.


The army is expected to address some of the concerns raised, most notably by the CNN report, soon.



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