Online reading session for Nanna’s Diary underway


By Nsikan Ikpe


The first of several promotional reading sessions for Richard Mammah’s recently published book, Nanna’s Diary, an online event, is scheduled to hold on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, a statement from the publishers has disclosed.

Nanna’s Diary is a work of historical fiction with the story line being built around the life and times of the illustrious Nanna Olomu, aka Nanna of Itsekiri.

A prominent oil merchant and pre-colonial era Nigerian leader, he had resisted British colonial incursion into the Niger-Delta hinterlands for which the Royal British Navy launched a war on him in 1894. In that landmark battle, which has gone on in history as the Ebrohimi war, he gamely resisted the British imperial attack for the better part of four months before taking his flight to Lagos, unconquered.

Upon his voluntary surrender to Governor Carter in the Colony of Lagos, he was taken to Calabar, tried, exiled to Accra and later returned to rebuild his business and estate in Koko, headquarters of the current Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State.

AnĀ  online event, the reading session of June 30th takes place from 4-5pm on the Zoom platform.

Mammah is the Editor-in-Chief of The Difference Newspaper. He is also the author of The History and Prospects of the Nigerian Book and convener of the annual Africa Day Colloquium series in Lagos, Nigeria since 2016.






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