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Osun stakeholders and a summit gone wrong


 aregbesola rauf

By Busayo Olatunde

It is unarguable that every citizen of the State of Osun is a stakeholder in the state and no opinion should be considered as really heavier than the collective opinion of the generality of the people of the state.

While it is necessary for socio-political and economic situations of any state to attract a round table debate or intellectual discourse, such needs to be done within the confines of minimum sanity and political purity. These inescapable demands drew my attention to the crestfallen summit organized by some cannon fodders and political neophytes who are parading themselves as stakeholders of the State of Osun. Their summit was pitched on the crest of the unpaid salaries of Osun workers and the economic situation of the state. When I heard that there would be a summit in that respect, my hopes were competing with the heights of Mountain Kilimanjaro and I advised some workers in the state to start drinking wines of victory in their minds because of the insurgency of the new messaiahs who are ready to take them out of their extant situation of critically dry purses and wet their unsalivatory tongues.

Alas! The canopy of my hopes collapsed when I saw them making intellectually bereft contributions, bedridden opinions and sense-free analysis of the economic situation of the state. As if that was not enough, they closed the page of their summit with practically no challenging way forward. In such a gathering, it is expected that there would be a fund raising session where our self-acclaimed stakeholders will donate heavily, so as to rescue the state from her financial burden and workers in the state would be all teeth and smiles.

But all they could do was to mock Osun workers through their summit and advertise their own foolishness. It must be noted that Osun workers are not interested in fruitless seminars, lectures and summits that are aimed at getting cheap attention and sympathy from the people of the state, but they are chiefly interested in the payment of their salaries. These intellectual wanderers would have done the workers of this state colossal good if there had been practical donations to that effect.

In the light of this, I must unlock my mouth of appreciation for President Muhammadu Buhari who out of rare and overwhelming wisdom introduced ‘Bail out’ funds for states who have been conquered by the satanic and ‘orubebeic’ economic policies of yesterday’s government. This initiative would rescue the government of the state of Osun from the unimaginable proportions of mad cap vituperations, scurrilous remarks and insensitive advice from logic-deprived stakeholders, stranded politicians, intellectual ‘peanuts’ and politicians that have been ostracized from the political space of the State of Osun.

It would be rewarding for Odumakin and his co-characters to stop wandering like a fulani cow around the streets of Osogbo and its environs with their intellectual vacancies. Instead, they should go and learn one trade or the other. Governor Rauf Aregbesola is hereby enjoined however not to spend the maturity of the workers of the state extravagantly. Palliative measures should be put in place and their salaries should be paid without biting time at its throat; because there is no how tolerant and accommodating one is, that one will allow one’s teeth to be blown away by any intruding winds. This momentary storm should not in any way discourage him from completing the massive developmental projects that are going on in the state. He should ensure balance in this wise.


Olatunde, writes from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

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