Outcome of Ethiopian poll may take days


Outcome of Ethiopian poll may take days


By Tasie Theodore



The outcome of the parliamentary polls that took place in Ethiopia Monday may take several days before it would be revealed, The Difference reports.


This is on account of the logistical challenges involved in collating the polls outcome from across the several constituencies where polling was conducted in Africa’s second most populous nation.


However, there would not be results for a fifth of the constituencies in the contest where polls could not be conducted on account of heightened logistics challenges and unrest. Some of those would have their day in court on September 6 but even this would not include constituents from the region of Tigray, which has been the centre of a civil war for several months running.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party is expected by bookmakers to secure the majority of elected parliamentarians in the polls who would in turn later converge to nominate and elect an Executive Prime Minister and a Ceremonial President.



Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia



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