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Our people are tired of politics of deceit – Ogundele



Ahead of 2019 General Election, The Difference Correspondence visited Ogun State and spoke with an Hon Okikiola Yusuff Ogundele, a House of Assembly aspirant from the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on his party’s plans for the forth coming election.

Ogundele who is contesting for Ogun State House of Assemble, Ifo 1 constituency seat bared his mind on many of the contending political issues in the exclusive interview.


 You have launched a campaign to run for the OGUN STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY in your constituency, IFO 1, tagging it ‘not too young to rule.’  What motivated the slogan?

Well, I am a current politician who is aware and conscious of things around him, I didn’t launch the not too young to rule slogan. The National Assembly passed a bill last year they tagged “#nottooyoungtorun” and this bill reduced the age limit for contesting for office by 10 years, for all offices (presidency, governorship, house of representatives, the state houses of assembly and the Senate). As a youth who is ready to lead his nation to greater height, I therefore took the opportunity of the bill to serve my people.


Have you ever held any political offices?

 For the record, I have not held any political office. This is my first time of contesting for a public office and I believe I will serve my people well.


Considering the fact that your party is in opposition in Ogun State, how do you plan to go about the process?

PDP dominated my state for 8 years before it was tossed out by the then opposition party, so being in opposition today doesn’t make anyone less able to winning the elections. What is germane is to have the greater numbers of the people behind you.

And at this point, I must say this: my people are tired of the lies and deceit of this present administration. And this gives me a great chance in 2019 as a candidate from the strongest opposition party. Further, I am presently embarking on some projects which will help me gain the trust of my constituents.


Do you think the youth are ready to take up the mantle of leadership?

 I am not thinking…. I am definite about it. Forgive my French but youths across Nigeria are 100% ready to toss out the old cargoes. Nobody will come to the back of your house to hand over power to you, one must fight for power, and in this case our most preferred weapon should remain our PVC. So I beg every Nigerian who clamours for change to get their PVCs and get ready for the fight in 2019.


Is there massive support from the youth in your constituency for your aspiration?

Being a youth myself, I have found it less challenging to bring together the youths in my constituency to march with me in the race for 2019. I thank the youth leader of my local government area for his total support for this movement right from the very beginning. I can say categorically that the support I got from the youths has pushed me this far and like I will always say, I will never let them down.


Considering the fact that the Permanent Voters Card, PVC is the only way to ensure you win, what have your efforts been to ensure that your people get their permanent voters cards?

Ever since I decided to contest, I have been encouraging people, especially the youths, through meetings and public speaking, to get their PVCs.

The change begins from us and we cannot change the political status quo without our PVCs.


Can you tell us some of the projects you have for your people?

 As a patriotic Nigeria, I always have plan for my people before and after my elections, if almighty God grants me this, I intend to dwell more on people oriented projects.

Our people are suffering from situations of bad roads, bad schools, a poor health care system, and inadequate electricity supply,  to mention a few. The provision of some of these amenities would encourage petty businesses to thrive, and this is especially so for electricity which happens to be a responsibility of the government. When I become part of the government I will do my best to resolve some of these problem but then it is only GOD that solves it all.

Also, I believe a lot of work needs to be done on our education system in the state. Skills acquisition should be compulsory for every student from the secondary level up to the University as it would give the students a higher level of self-dependency, which is key to wealth creation. I will also work on the health sector as a wise man once said, “when there is life, there is hope”.


Yusuff Ogundele, Ogun PDP House of Assembly aspirant


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