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Plateau massacre: Angry reactions greet Buhari’s tweets


‘We do not believe you, Mr President!’

By Akpo Ometan


Efforts by the Nigerian Presidency through a series of tweets, to commiserate with Nigerians on the sad weekend massacre by alleged killer herdsmen in Plateau state have been greeted by angry reactions.

Among others, the respondents, among others, pilloried the presidency for the lateness of the tweets and the fact that previous promises to bring perpetrators to book had not been fulfilled.

In a series of tweets, Sunday evening, the Presidency and the President had deplored the incident and promised to act:

President has been briefed on the deeply unfortunate killings across a number of communities in Plateau State, today. and are supporting the determined efforts of Governor to end the attacks and bring relief to affected communities.

1 hour ago

The President appeals for calm, and assures that no efforts will be spared to bring the perpetrators to justice, and prevent a recurrence / reprisal attacks. The President and the entire Federal Government stand with the Government and people of Plateau at this sad time.


57 minutes ago

The grievous loss of lives & property arising from the killings in Plateau today is painful and regrettable. My deepest condolences to the affected communities. We will not rest until all murderers and criminal elements and their sponsors are incapacitated and brought to justice.


Unimpressed however, distraught Nigerians railed over what they have seen as a very depressing tendency to continue to literally ‘shut the stables after the horses have bolted.’ Below is a sample of the angry responses from commentators:


56 minutes ago

Replying to

Tweeted by your twitter handler. You, Mr President, have no capacity to keep this promise. You have kept none before now. You won’t start now.

1 hour ago

Replying to

As if this is the first or second or third or fourth or fifth or sixth time is happening..u will bring d killers to book? How many has been brought to book? This government is just too wicked. Make God just end dis world self. What wickedness…tears flowing down my eyes

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria



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