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Please help my baby get well, Mom pleads


Hydrocephalus baby’s mom cries out for help

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By John Eche


Master Providence Vincent who is suffering from Hydrocephalus needs financial assistance to enable his doctors carry out a major surgery to ease his condition and the mother of the 6 months old baby, Mrs. Precious Vincent, is appealing for help.


26 years old Precious, who hails from Imo State but resides in Edo State, said that three weeks after her delivery, she noticed that her baby’s head was abnormally increasing in size, which led to her taking him to the hospital for medical checkup.


“I put to bed on 29 of October 2016 and after three weeks, I noticed that my baby’s head was increasing. So I have to go back to the hospital where I put to bed. So when I showed the doctor, he said it is Hydrocephalus.


” I was referred to UBTH. So, we have been going for follow up and because of the way the head was increasing, on 2nd of February, the surgery was done.


“So after the surgery was done, we were discharged. The baby was okay and after two months, he was sick again. The place refused to heal Which had us back to UBTH.


The doctor said his shunt is infected. So they removed the shunt and placed him on antibiotic, like five different antibiotics” she said.


Mrs Precious further lamented that they have spent all they had on his treatment while much more  money is needed to carry out surgery on him.


“I do not know how much the surgery will cost but the money we have spent on drugs is too much. Each of the antibiotics is N5,000. We have been on it for two months now. They give him five everyday.


I have been in the hospital since April 19, 2017. We have finished all the money we had. I was working before and I have stopped the work because of my sick child.


“All this while he has been there, taken antibiotics on daily basis. last week,  he was weak again, and could not eat. Before now, he was able to eat very well and now he could not.


“They now sent me for chest x-ray. So when I went for the chest x-ray, they told me it was broken pneumonia. They now added more antibiotic to the ones he was taken before. As it stands now, he cannot eat again. They have therefore fixed an engine tube on him to feed him intravenously.


“They also said after the treatment, they are going to give him antibiotics for six weeks after the six weeks, they will give other syrups for another six weeks. The way I am seeing him, I do not really like his condition”, she said.


She further appealed to government and other well meaning Nigerians to come to their aid to save their son.


Health Minister, Isaac Adewole



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