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Political crisis limiting Congo’s capacity to tame Ebola


Militias hinder health workers ability to reach suspected ‘contacts’

By Nsikan Ikpe


The presence of several militia groups operating in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo amidst other political tensions in the country are hindering the African nation’s ability to address its resurgent Ebola haemorrhagic fever outbreak, The Difference has learnt.

Specifically cases have been reported in Mabalako, Beni, North Kivu and Ituri, with fears that if not properly contained, it could even spill over into neighbouring Uganda.

No less than 879 ‘contacts’ have presently been identified by the health authorities but not everyone has been brought into the treatment and isolation centres, partly because of the widespread presence and operations of militias that hold sway in vast sections of the affected area.

As many as 33 casualties may have been recorded in the current flare-out though the authorities say they have only 13 confirmed cases and three confirmed deaths.

A similar outbreak moths ago in Northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo was only resolved a few days ago after it had claimed 33 lives.


President Joseph Kabla of the Democratic Republic of Congo




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