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Pressure mounts on Kabila to quit


Will the growing groundswell of opposition make the difference?

By Tajudeen Hamzat


Fresh pressure is coming on President Joseph Kabila to quit power in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC and allow a new administration to come in.

The incumbent president has failed to commit to a very clear programme of transition even after his tenure formally lapsed in December 2016.

Among other recent critics of Kabila’s fuzzy politics are the United States, opposition groups, rival parties and even the President’s half-brother, Emmanuel Masirika Kabila.

The Catholic Church in the DRC has also been a strident and vociferous critic of Kabila rule.

Clearly intent on a new administration in the country, the US has reportedly denied Kabila’s daughter a visitors visa to enter the United States.



President Joseph Kabila of DRC


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