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Pros and cons of the Lagos’ danfo ban



Heads or tails, the people should win


By Vicky ricks


When Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwumi  Ambode on Monday 13th of February, 2017 announced his government’s decision to banish yellow commuter buses popularly known as danfo from Lagos roads, later this year, he very well would have remembered the furore that had greeted his predecessor’s restriction of motorcycle transportation in the state.

However, to put in place a good and well structured transportation system that iy is believed would enhance an easy movement within the city, the current move could ultimately pan out to be a reasonable decision, but yjis would only be if there is an alternative set of plans backing the decision.

From a general point of view, this decision comes with both advantages and disadvantages and it boils down to affecting a whole lot of persons in different ways. Moreover, many persons are going to mourn the immediate loss of their daily bread when the decision is finally executed, thereby increasing the already high rate of unemployment.

When decisions like this are taken, there should be a worthy expectation of another alternative transportation source, such as the rail way system, serving as an inner city transport and any other good inner city transportation system.

Expectedly then, a lot of persons benefitting from the yellow buses will oppose this decision, if there is no other means from which their daily bread can be procured.

On another note, the banishment of the yellow buses will also be of a great advantage, looking at the fact that it would get rid of dangerous driving habits exhibited by some of the drivers who will hopefully then be replaced by safer driving and better coordinated drivers. It could also reduce the high occurrence of robbers acting as fake drivers and passengers in other to rob passengers of their money, popularly known as ‘one chance.’

Conversely also, it might also make transportation more difficult for some people; thereby affecting their daily activities because not everyone owns a car and most people see the yellow buses as a very easy and affordable means of transportation.

In conclusion, if the governor wants residents to truly see this decision as most worthwhile, then he should be able to make proper replacement plans and also create a good alternative that will favour not only the city but also the people living in it.




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