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Reactions trail Atiku Abubakar’s dumping of APC


Soccer imagery deployed on twitter-ville to make the point

By John Eche


Though it had been widely anticipated, reactions have continued to trail Friday morning’s announcement that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is dumping Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

In his statement, the former Vice President said he had reached the conclusion after extensive consultations.

Below is a sample of reactions from the social media platform, Twitter:





As my friend once said “Atiku’s Presidential ambition is an economy on its own. If he stops running, many will lose their source of income.” Akin added,



“Twenty buses have been allocated to each local government area for the event” – Gonna be lit af | ‘Atiku to exit APC tomorrow’ https://buff.ly/2zvWhVp


Pius Adesanmi‏


Dear Atiku, despite Baba’s warning to u about 2019 via INTELS, u still did your habitual political jorojarajoro. U leave Baba no choice. All flights to Russia from Nigeria in 2018 must be routed thru Alaska on US soil. Politics is the father of geography…


AYO SOGUNRO‏Verified account


Atiku to PDP, Obanikoro to APC. But your favourite analysts are still swearing by political parties.

Abeg, don’t let anyone deceive you with ‘choose a side’ rhetoric in 2019. The only real demarcation is between ordinary Nigerians and the political class.


Ebube D Statesman‏


More Ebube D Statesman Retweeted simon kolawole

It’s going to be a very busy transfer window.

Obanikoro has moved for a record breaking fee

Atiku is returning to his boyhood club. Ebube D Statesman added,





Sule Lamido now needs to step up his game. No one knows his views on economics and restructuring.

He’ll give Buhari a good fight up North. But down South, Atiku seems to be more popular.

Either way, 2019 politics season has started. Governance is over. Buhari’s 1st term is over.




The man irresponsibly conspired to put Buhari in power. However if the choice is between Atiku and Buhari for 2019, I’ll choose Atiku. Gege added,


Paul Ibe‏


H.E. @atiku has resigned from the All Progressives Congress. @AtikuOrg


Adetutu Balogun‏


@atiku 3 yrs ago, you left PDP for APC. Your interview with BBC Hausa?

“I really want to see a strong 2nd party for the party,”.

You pledged that you will never return to the PDP, saying that from all indications the party would no longer be what it used to be.

What CHANGed?




“I will never contest for Presidency again.” – @MBuhari (2011)

“I will not leave APC.” – @atiku (2014)

If you took the former seriously & campaigned/voted for him, you cannot validly condemn the latter for leaving APC




In everything @atiku wrote in that party resignation letter it’s the “God” part that struck me the most.

How these people easily mention God and at the same time rape His people is what intrigues me.

And this same God will soon tell him to go back to PDP


Doctor YazzY Olu‏


Atiku Abubakar’s three-year loan deal to APC with an option of permanent transfer has officially come to an end, after PDP activated the buy-back clause in his contract.


Itú Bàbá ìta‏


Atiku can be Nigeria’s Trump. Not a perfect man but he understands Economics, headhunts brilliant people and can create JOBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Itú Bàbá ìta‏


Atiku should have remained in the PDP and supported GEJ for a Second term. Maybe 2019 woulda been easier for him as PDP would have had the power of incumbency. Loyalty has its benefits


Itú Bàbá ìta‏


People are funny. They want Atiku (Who wants to be President) to remain in the APC when it is sure that Buhari will be the APC candidate in 2019. Okay, what should Atiku stay there to do?


Bashir Waziri‏


Nigerian political party transfer Window is opened.

@APCNigeria signed @MObanikoro

@OfficialPDPNig signed @atiku


More transfers coming….





RT to piss off the people who suddenly remember that Atiku is desperate to be president



Resistance is Futile‏


Both Atiku&Buhari have run for president in 3 different parties. You can’t read much into these defections except that parties don’t matter




I dont get this ‘Atiku should resign from politics’. Why should he???

We supported an old, incompetent & half-dead Buhari in 2015. Same Buhari will recontest in 2019.

But it is Atiku that we want to quit politics.

Una no well…




How can @atiku re-decamp to PDP be a news

Is it not normal for molue to leave Oshodi to Agege and return to Oshodi?


Demola Olarewaju‏


Hello @atiku, Welcome sir.


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