Reconciliation: Janjaweed chief gets pardon in Sudan



Reconciliation: Janjaweed chief gets pardon in Sudan


By John Eche



As part of ongoing national reconciliation initiatives in Sudan, notorious Janjaweed chief, Musa Hilal has become the latest beneficiary of a state pardon, The Difference has discovered.


The pardon is said to be covered by the global peace agreement signed after a series of discussions between the transitional government in the country and several rebel groups.


Hilal and the Janjaweed had come into global notoriety when they were tacitly empowered by the Arab-leaning Islamist government of ousted President, Omar al-Bashir to carry out genocidal attacks on ethnic African communities in the country, but most notably within the province of Darfur.


It is not known if the current pardon would mitigate the UN watchlist sanctions placed on Hilal and other Janjaweed leaders on account of the atrocities they had committed during the season of frenetic attacks.




Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok






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