Analysts want Kenyatta to seize gauntlet and hold fruitful talks

By Nsikan Ikpe


Palpable relief has gripped millions of Kenyans and indeed many other Africans following news that opposition leader, Raila Odinga and his NASA alliance have presently moved to defer Tuesday’s alternate presidency inauguration ceremony.

Analysts however want serving second-term president, Uhuru Kenyatta to seize the gauntlet at this moment and commence the process of holding fruitful talks with the estranged opposition.

One practical step that they believe would aid this process is for the President to immediately empanel a judicial commission to investigate the widespread violence that was associated with the polls, and particularly the role of the police in quelling it.

Scores of Kenyans were killed in the violence that attended the process with the opposition pointing its fingers at the police for using excessive force, which resulted in the death of many of its supporters.


President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya 







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