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Relief over Burkina Faso truce


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There is palpable relief across West Africa over the seeming avoidance of yet another potentially bloody civil war in Burkina Faso as the presidential guard has stepped down, having reached a truce with the army.

This is even as the Burkinabe coup leaders agreed to return to their barracks, saying they would restore the deposed president to power.

The deadlock was broken on Tuesday, September 22, following a marathon meeting of the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) in Abuja.

The meeting of the West-African heads of state was instrumental in breaking the impasse.

The agreement was reached barely one day after the Burkinabe army marched its troops into Ouagadougou, the country’s capital.

Leaders of the presidential guard, who carried out the takeover, signed the deal with the army restoring peace after turbulence stirred by the take-over last week.

Mogho Naba, the King of Burkina Faso’s leading Mossi tribe, received the deal on Wednesday, September 23, in front of the media.

The ECOWAS said it was ready to reinstate and demonstrate solidarity with the transitional president, Kafando, who was kidnapped last Wednesday, September 16, alongside Yacouba Isaac Zida, the interim prime minister

It is recalled on Thursday, September 17, Burkina Faso was thrown into turmoil after its presidential guards detained the interim leaders who had been at the helm of affairs since last October, when a popular uprising ousted President Blaise Compaore.

The special guard approximately consists of about 1,300 men, who were loyal to former president Compaore.

Up until the signing of the treaty, no one knew of the whereabouts of General Gilbert Diendere, the leader of the coup, who happens to be Compaore’s former chief of staff.


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