Ijanikin Police rescue suspect from mob

By Tajudeen Hamzat


A ritual den has been uncovered at Celle Nica bus stop along the Lagos- Badagry express road, The Difference has learnt.

The den, which was discovered on 27th August 2018 is now the subject of police investigations.

Eye witness reports outline that the discovery is traceable to a mad woman in the area who reportedly lives under the bridge and perpetuates evil acts at night.

A member of the community who is said to have blown the whistle on the development was said to be defecating close to the den when he heard the woman making calls to her clients telling them to come and pick up parts of a human body which she said was now ready.

The report of this call made residents storm the den where they discovered that the woman was using an iPhone 6 phone and had lots of dollars and naira notes hidden under the den where a human skull and other body parts were recovered.

But for the quick intervention of the police from the Ijanikin police division who took her away, the angry mob may have killed the woman at the scene.


Lagos Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode





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