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Skye Bank unveils new TV commercial



GMD, Abiru renews Commitment to the Customer

By Nsikan Ikpe


GMD/CEO of Skye Bank, Tokunbo Abiru has reaffirmed the bank’s commitment to providing personalized customer service as the new focus of its retail banking strategy.

He disclosed this during the unveiling of a TV commercial on its digital banking solution; SkyeXperience.

The television commercial which is titled “You Are in Control”  expresses the unique value proposition of the product to include its Omni-Channel, Self-Service and uniform sign-on across multiple devices.

Speaking at the sneak peek session which held at the bank’s corporate headquarters, The Group Managing Director remarked that: “today, banking is no longer about the physical building but where you are and the device you are using. SkyeXperience is therefore designed to give our customers, a seamless and consistent transition from one channel to the other without any hindrance.

Giving a glimpse of the TVC creative thrust, Nduneche Ezurike, Head of Strategic Brand Management of the Bank described the TV commercial as a compelling narrative in consumer lifestyle which is a complete departure from the traditional approach where organizations attempt to talk at customers about their size, strength, resilience, reliability among other value propositions.

According to him, “the SkyeXperience TV commercial can best be described as personal benefit advertising in which the consumer is the source of power and the A-Z of everything. It depicts a conscious effort to engage the consumer in his ecosystem by interpreting his lifestyle and communicating the benefits SkyeXperience offers the consumer”.

On his part, Charles Novia, a veteran Nollywood and film producer, gave a critical review of the commercial. According to him, production–wise, the SkyeXperience TV commercial has aesthetic value. “For us in film making and commercial production, it is one of the things we look out for. “It is pleasing to the eyes. It is important to note that it was shot with full high definition camera – one of the highest available today. Also, the use of motion graphics was well executed”.

Earlier, the Group Head, Product and Innovation Group of the Bank, Ndubuisi Osakwe noted that the bank had historically championed payment systems with multiple solutions that address payment solutions including: channels, tablets, desktops and mobile phones for mobile and internet banking. “The market has evolved and today we are moving to the next level where the device you’re using does not limit you to the kind of service you get.

Hence, the SkyeXPerience world delivers internet banking on the go (i.e. one solution that fits all your banking needs). We call it Omni-channel, in which the experience is uniform, easy to use and a single sign-on across all devices,” he asserted.

SkyeXPerience offers customers a plethora of benefits which makes the platform unique; thus enabling customers to be in control of their banking needs at the push of a button on any mobile device. Banking simplicity, self-service banking, Omni-channel experience and a highly secured platform, among other features, is what distinguishes SkyeXPerience from the rest of the pack.

The Sneak Peek brought together professionals from different sectors of the society including movie producers, customers of the bank and brand writers.

Skye Bank offers wide-ranging electronic solutions promoting consumer lifestyle and e-commerce experience for its customers. The bank is renowned as pioneer of sonic branding which earned it several plaudits and awards through such advert as ‘I Wish’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’

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