Sudan military gives in, says protesters should form government


Military requests defence and Interior positions

By Tajudeen Hamzat

The military in Sudan has conceded to protester’s demands that the new government to be put up in the country after the exit of ousted leader Omar Al-Bashir should be civilian driven.

The protesters and opposition parties are at the moment therefore continuing with discussions on how to constitute the new government as well as determine the duration of the transitional arrangement being put together to help the nation heal before fresh partisan politicking would resume.

The military is however also requesting that it be permitted to hold on to the Defence and Interior positions in the interest of national security. It is also committing to a restructuring of the security and intelligence infrastructure in the nation even as protests continue.

Other than ousted President Al-Bashir, National Intelligence Chief, Salah Abdalah Mohamed Saleh (Salah Gosh) and Defence Minister, Ibn Auf Awad have already been knocked out in the continuing struggle of the people of Sudan for a near-complete break from their past.

Ousted President, Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan

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