Sudan on the edge, Prime Minister cries out


Sudan on the edge, Prime Minister cries out


By John Ech



Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok has cried out that his country is on the edge and that everything should be done to avert a descent into chaos and civil strife.


Hamdok, who had been headhunted to lead the Transition Government following the collapse of the Omar al-Bashir dictatorship and the refusal of the people to accept a full-fledged military administration was speaking on the sidelines of recent violent responses to the removal of fuel subsidies in the country.


Other factors fuelling crisis in the country, the Prime Minister noted include the disproportionate strength of the military relative to other sectors in the country – a carry-over from the Al Bashir years – and factionalisation within the ruling Transitional Government.


Top officials of the African Union have also recently paid a confidence-boosting visit to the country even as some Western nations are moving to write off debts owed by Sudan to them.


However, analysts say that something categorical has to be done about scaling down the strength and influence of the military. They also call for a strong and robustly funded economic Marshall Plan to help the nation stabilise.


‘Things are indeed quite dire in Sudan now and it is important that every help be given to the country now to avoid and avert another debacle as we seem to have presently in Chad and Mali,’ one analyst emphasised.




Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok of Sudan



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