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By Daniel Collins Enamuhor
Wake up! Here comes the sun
Daytime is not like night
When the moon rises
The day darkens
Daytime is not like night
That is either cold or hot
Daytime is slow
And makes men read and write
Daytime is not like night that is dark
Day is bright
And cannot be wasted
Daytime is not like night when people sleep away
Daytime is when people work
Daytime is not time to sleep away
Neither is it time of lull
Daytime is not like night
That is full of crimes
Daytime is at times diabolic
And makes friends fiends
Daytime is not like night
When people sleep as if they will die
And some work as if they won’t sleep
Daytime is when people pursue dreams
And night is when people dream dreams
Daytime is when people gather
And also when the weather is bright
Daytime, alias radiant
Like the wind blows with dusts
To cover the eyes of men
So they cannot see
And become slow in pursuing their dreams
As the sun rises
We are all awakened
Full of strength
Making dreams into reality the order of the day…
©️Collins, 2023.
Collins, who is also into fashion practice under the label, Maro Casuals, is an English Studies undergraduate at the Lagos State University, Ojoo, Lagos, Nigeria

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