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Taming impunity in the land


Recent reports that Clara Chime, wife of the Governor of Enugu State has been the subject of forcible detention on the orders of her husband bring to the fore once again the rising incidence of impunity in the land.

In a reported appeal to the Nigerian Human Rights Commission, the embattled spouse had requested the authorities to save her from her husband, Governor Sullivan Chime, warning that she feared that she may be murdered.

In a related development, human rights advocate, Femi Falana, had, writing recently on her behalf, also petitioned the Inspector General of Police to take urgent steps to set her free without delay.

In his letter, Falana indicated his readiness to head to the courts to compel the IG to do exactly as he had prayed if the IG does not voluntarily respond to his request.

We are bothered about this incident and several more that have been reported in recent times and urge the Jonathan administration to act quickly now to stem the rising tide.

A society without law is an endangered specimen. Nigeria, this is not your portion!


Clara Chime


Editor’s Note: Though Gov and Mrs Chime have since spoken up on the subject, we still stand by the overall import of our editorial.

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