Tension in Chad as Western nations take exit


Tension in Chad as Western nations take exit


By John Eche



Tension has enveloped Chad following advisories by Western nations to their nationals to leave the country given the deterioration of the security situation, The Difference can report


According to feelers from the country, the Western nations are presently urging their nationals to move out from the country over fears that there may be heightened levels of clashes between government forces and non-state combatants.


The latest spike seems to have been fuelled by non-state combatants that had been fighting for years to upstage the 30-year old Idris Deby regime, taking advantage of the popular angst against the dictatorial management of the April 11 elections process in which the opposition was roundly bullied.


Also of interest is how the situation would affect Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria which shares borders with Chad and consequently should take an extra interest in the deteriorating security situation in the Sahelian nation.


In the particular case of Nigeria also, other than their being proximate to the embattled country, very many Nigerians remain in that country today as refugees from the long-standing Boko Haram insurgency.


The United States of America and the United Kingdom are two of the Western nations that have recently issued travel advisories on the subject, particularly listing the capital, Ndjamena as a particular place of interest.



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