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Togo: Let the talks begin!

Facts and figures to consider
By Nsikan Ikpe
Ahead of government-opposition talks on the political crisis in Togo, here are some facts that need to be considered:
1. The country has 113 registered political parties.
2. The Gnassingbe family has run the tiny West African nation since 1967.
3. The nation has 7.6m people and occupies an area of 57,000 square kilometres.
4. The current wave of protests has gone on since August, 2017.
5. Teachers, doctors and other critical public sector workers have been on strike, now and again, alongside the protests.
6. The state of the economy and public services has continued to deteriorate with hospitals reportedly prescribing that patients coming for surgeries should also come along with sachets of pure water with which medical personnel would clean up after carrying out surgical procedures!
7. The Togolese military and ECOWAS played a notable role in helping to bring President Faure Gnassingbe to power in the first place.
President Faure Gnassingbe

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