Trump, Biden in last minute votes search



Trump, Biden in last minute votes search


By Tasie Theodore


Two weeks to the scheduled November 3rd date for the American presidential election, President Donald Trump and his closest rival, Mr. Joe Biden are locked in a frenetic search for votes.


While Trump is flying the card of the Republican Party, Biden is the candidate of the Democratic Party.


Hit by its flagbearer, Trump, briefly succumbing to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Republican Party campaign was thrown off-balance for a while. It is now fighting a race against time to catch up on lost time and push its candidate’s aspirations.


While Vice President Pence is running as co-contender with Donald Trump, Senator Biden has as his running mate, Representative Kamala Harris.


Tensions related to the Coronavirus pandemic and the place of America in a globalising world are being seen as some of the core issues in the contest.


The second and final presidential debate in the series is scheduled to be held this weekend.


The United States of America is a world leader in a lot of respects and has over the years been most instrumental in the setting up, financing and directing of many of the multilateral organisations in the world.




President Donald Trump of the United States


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