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Uber updates security infrastructure



Cracking the code to road safety with Uber

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By Ada Anioji


Uber has moved to upgrade its security infrastructure as it has to do with the safety of its patrons and drivers, a statement from the technology firm has disclosed.

According to it, the firm is doing this in its bid to find new, innovative ways to use technology at their disposal, for the benefit of both riders and drivers.

it says that one of the most interesting ways in which this technology is changing the ride-sharing is through its impact on safety, adding that one of Uber’s great features sees the driver app reminding drivers of the importance of taking a break when they need it, something that people do not always do enough of when working a flexible schedule.

;This feature prompts drivers to rest during their time using the app and also makes drivers aware of any potentially risky driving practices that need to be addressed. This technology is like an in-built advanced driving coach, and aims to try predict, prevent and reduce the number of car accidents on the road. Interestingly, the tool focuses on both fatigue as well as driving habits, as distracted and drowsy driving are some of the biggest risks to safety on the road. This pilot is currently being run in cities across the world.’

In addition, the statement also outlined that only last month, Uber joined the Global Safety Community to participate in the UN’s Global Road Safety Week to help raise awareness to riders and driver-partners about the dangers of speed as well as providing the measures to help increase safety on the roads.

Equally, ‘to ensure drivers are aware of the dangers of speed, Uber has a telematics feature, which uses the latest technology to assist drivers in consistently advancing their skills. Through this technology, drivers receive daily reports on how their driving patterns compare to other drivers in the city and receive helpful suggestions on how to provide a smoother, safer ride. For example, messages in the driver app will inform drivers that mounting their phone on the dashboard is safer than holding it in their hands, and the app’s speed display alerts drivers to the speed of their vehicle.

As new technology is rolled out, so the existing safety-enhancing technology remains. Trips with Uber aren’t anonymous. When a driver accepts a rider’s request, they see the driver’s first name, photo, license plate number, type of vehicle as well as the vehicle colour. All trips are tracked using GPS and riders can share their ETA allowing their loved ones to view their trip in real time.’

it affirms that ‘riders can also be assured that the person driving the vehicle is a verified Uber driver. Real-time ID Check prompts drivers periodically to take a selfie prior to accepting rides and compares it to the driver’s profile photo. If the two photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked while Uber looks into the situation. This helps ensure the person driving matches the account Uber has on file. The process is seamless, with the average verification time being just a few seconds. This safety feature is for riders and drivers alike as it prevents fraud and shields the drivers’ account from being compromised.

At its heart, Uber aims to provide safe, reliable transport that gives riders easy access to rides and provides drivers with an economic opportunity without compromising their well-being. With all the exciting technology at Uber’s disposal, this is now a reality,’ the statement concluded.





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