Uganda: Defiant Bobi Wine, remains fighting



Uganda: Defiant Bobi Wine, remains fighting


By John Eche


With the polls getting set to open in the next few hours, the image of an unbowed and defiant contender who is insistent on fighting it out all the way is what Uganda and the world have about Robert Kyagulanya, the maverick presidential candidate and opposition leader who is flying the flag of the National Unity Platform in Thursday’s presidential contest in the East African nation.


Kyagulanya, who is better known by his stage name, Bobi Wine is a musician and a businessman. A mere 38 year old, he is considered as being the frontline contender that is running against the incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni, who at 76 years of age, is twice his youthful challenger’s age. Museveni also has a stronger hold of the traditional systems in the country, having led the nation since 1986 when his National Resistance Movement, NRM band of rebels took over power.


Pulling out all of the instruments of state at his disposal, Museveni has  reportedly shut down internet access in the country, prevented scores of ‘unfriendly’ observers from coming to cover the elections, targeted hundreds of party agents of the NUP, broken up campaign rallies of his opponents and literally pulled out all the stops to ensure that he wins the polls at all costs.


On his part, Bobi Wine is asking the 18 million voters in the republic to ensure that they yet turn out to vote and insist that their votes must count. It is indeed a war-zone out there in Uganda and it is quite sad that it has to be so.


One of the voices of concern about the turn of affairs in the country is that of South African opposition leader, Mmusi Maimane. The US and the UN have through separate officials, also expressed their worry. However, the African Union and the East African Community are yet to make statements on the subject.





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