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Unease in Cameroon as Constitutional Council sits


Opposition CRM restates opposition to fake results

By Nsikan Ikpe


There is unease in Cameroon over the projected outcome of the Constitutional Council session on Tuesday to look into no less than 18 electoral petitions challenging the outcome of the recently conducted presidential elections in the Central African nation.

While unofficial results disclose that the 85-year old maximum leader, Paul Biya, who has been in power for 35 years already, may have presently garnered as much as 71 percent of the votes cast to emerge winner and thus be in position to hold office for another seven year term, the opposition CRM alliance is strongly disputing the figures.

Indeed, the candidate of the CRM alliance, Maurice Kamto had previously declared himself winner of the contest, a move that had attracted swift denunciation from the spokesman of the Biya administration.

The election is widely seen as a referendum on the imperial rule of Biya which has in recent times been wracked by economic crises, decline in the nation’s sporting fortunes, insurgency and civil strike.


President Paul Biya of Cameroon


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