Universities reopen as ASUU calls off strike



Universities reopen as ASUU calls off strike


By Tasie Theodore


Nigerian universities are now set to reopen from tomorrow, Thursday following an announcement from the Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities, that it was now provisionally calling off the strike action it had sustained in the past nine months.


Addressing a press conference on the subject today (Wednesday), ASUU President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi thanked parents, students and other stakeholders who endured the pains of the period, stressing that it was done to ensure a healthier university system going forward.


He however condemned the action of some university administrators who had permitted themselves to be used in efforts aimed at prematurely breaking the strike.


He hoped tat government would keep to its side of the bargain so that the lecturers would not be forced to return to the trenches once again.


There however remain concerns over the level of preparedness of different universities to schedule individual re-opening days in the light of the continuing Coronavirus pandemic, more so when many of the schools have inadequate infrastructure and are generally known to be overcrowded.


Private universities in the country had continued to carry on with the bulk of their teaching schedules during the strike season but they account for just about six percent of the total number of students in the country’s tertiary educational system.




ASUU President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi

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