US Polls: Early voters may hold the aces



US Polls: Early voters may hold the aces


By Adegboyega Adekola


With early votes in next week’s US election already hitting 69.6m and counting, indicators are that early voters may presently hold the aces in that tensely contested electoral battle, The Difference reports


With just six days to the United States presidential election, early votes in the much-awaited poll hit 69.6 million on Tuesday, according to the country’s Election Project.


The November 3 presidential election pits the incumbent Donald Trump against his Democratic Party challenger, Joe Biden.


According to news sources, it is instructive that the numbers of those that have already voted represents more than half of the total 137 million ballots cast in the 2016 presidential election.


The data under consideration is gleaned from the “2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics” published on the website of the Election Project.


The body serves as a source of information for the US electoral system.


A breakdown of the early vote figure shows that 46.5 million ballots were cast through mail and 23.1 million through in-person voting.


The Director of US Elections Project, Prof. Michael McDonald, described the development as good news.


“There were many concerns about election officials’ ability to conduct an election during a pandemic.


“Not only are people voting, but they are voting over a longer period of time, thereby spreading out the workload of election officials,” he said.



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