US Polls: Will history repeat itself?



US Polls: Will history repeat itself?


By John Eche


Will history repeat itself in the 2020 presidential polls in America? This is the question on the lips of many as ballots counting gets into its more critical phases to determine both the total tally of votes recorded by the leading contenders as well as the crucial Electoral College pickings.


To win, either of incumbent President Donald Trump who is flying the Republican flag and his Democratic contender, Joe Biden must garner a minimum of 270 Electoral College votes notwithstanding the total number of votes.


As the votes tally continues to mount, the concern mow is whether just like in 2016, the Electoral College would not be the winner once again.


The elections have taken place amid concerns over the future of America, race relations and the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.


Though the contest has been dubbed one if the most divisive in recent American history, the range of issues and the spectrum of opinions has resulted in an upsurge in voting numbers. One other quite significant development has had to do with forward and mail-in voting. About 100million Americans took advantage of that option.


One other element of the contest has been the scant attention to Africa in the campaigns, a point which analysts say underscores the imperative that Africans should not look anywhere else for solutions to their continuing development and growth challenges.



President Donald Trump: Will the Electoral College hand him a second term in office?




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