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War vets oppose Grace Mugabe’s ‘succession agenda’


Accuse her of being behind firing of ministers



By Nsikan Ikpe


Zimbabwe war veterans have restated their opposition to what they say is very apparent scheming by the powerful first lady of the nation, Grace Mugabe to ultimately succeed her husband, president Robert Mugabe.

This is coming even as they say that the First Lady is behind the latest cabinet reshuffle reportedly carried out by President Robert Mugabe.

It will be recalled that Mugabe had fired three ministers this week accusing them of being loyal to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and appointed new ones.

But in their reaction to the news, the veterans reassured Grace will be prevented from succeeding the 93-year-old president. Rather, they insist that they want one of theirs to take over from Mugabe.

“We want them in the cards, that’s what I will canvass for. And also if we don’t have good leaders from the war veterans, we are for the people, we will chose from the people”, said Christopher Mutsvangwa, Zimbabwe War Veterans Association Chairman.

Reacting also, several Zimbabwe citizens also hold that they cannot see how the new cabinet will improve the lives of ordinary people.

“This reshuffle wont help anything because elections are there next year. There is no money in this country and that won’t boost the economy in any way,” said Isaac Mudyiwa, a street vendor.

Mugabe has ruled the economically challenged country for the past 37 years and his party Zanu PF has already endorsed him to contest next year’s elections by which time he would be 94 years.

He has repeatedly insisted that he is the best thing to have happened to the country.


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