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We set up FGK to provide succour – Evbadoloyi


Group promises to provide relief to Nigerians

FGK initiative

By Vicky Bricks


A new initiative that is set to provide succour for, and positively impact the lives of millions of Nigerians, their mindsets and orientation towards doing the right things always, has been unveiled with the brains behind it promising not to relent until they touch every soul.

Founder of the enabling platform, Friends of God Kokoye (FGK) Initiative, Don Stanley Evbadoloyi, an author, motivational speaker and researcher, their mission is also to proffer solution to the basic requirements of humanity which include needs and wants in order to ensure that Nigerians and Africans quit surviving and begin to live.

Don Evbadoloyi who conducted the unveiling ceremony under the prying eyes of people from different professions and walks of life, also announced the introduction of a programme called ‘Save Nigeria’, to Save the Children Yet ‘Unborn’ which, according to him, is a development project for the nation and for the children yet unborn.

”Saving Nigeria is not complicated; it is as simple as ABCD, which I prefer to tag ‘Advanced Behaviour for Character Development’. If our leaders can do the right thing and the citizens also do the right thing, we will all make our nation great” he emphasized.

He added that the hope that Africa will rule the world in future with Nigeria at the top can only come to pass through such initiatives.

‘’Our assignment now is to educate, encourage and engage the youths to fear God, do the right thing, in order to become disciplined and incorruptible to save Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world in general, in pursuit of a global solution.’’

The Friends of God Kokoye (FGK) Initiative which is a non-governmental organization (NGO), Don explained, has been in existence for quite some time now.  ‘’But it was duly registered with the authorities early this year hence its formal unveiling today.’’

Already, FGK has been visiting schools across the country to create the awareness and get the students involved by arming them with the necessary materials.

‘’Our main focuses are on food, shelter and clothing that will be produced in Nigeria by Nigerians. This is possible because we are talented and gifted people. Twenty years ago, no one imagined that we would come this far in the film and music industry, as well as other sectors. So, the more we engage ourselves, the better we get.’’

Although the burden of the initiative and its projects are being catered by the founder for now, he hopes that government, corporate bodies and individuals would key into it in the near future.  ‘’We are working towards that and want to consult with the relevant people and places for support and assistance,’’ Evbadoloyi explained.

Their objective, strategies and tactics are simple as they pledge to employ their best efforts to help the youths by empowering them to help themselves.  ‘’This is not about me; it is about Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Let us save the children yet unborn and preserve ourselves from catastrophe,’’ he concluded.


Evbadoloyi making a donation


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