White America: Addressing the sins of the fathers


By Edema Tosan


The recent killing of several African-Americans by mostly white American law enforcement personnel can be directly connected to the foundational fabric of America. Concurrently, the poisonous fruits from this infected foundation fabric have always been felt from generation to generation in African and African American communities. America was founded by a master navigator, Admiral Christopher Columbus, along with his 2-4 lieutenants ( semi-educated, possible relatives, adventurers who tended to pander to elite societal lineages) and 80-100 reprobates (lunatics, prisoners, hooligans, outcasts, criminals, vagabonds, trouble makers, deranged, depraved, unprincipled and damned rejects). While Columbus made some four voyages to America from 1492 to 1502, the untold story was that he left some 70-80% of voyage crew (mostly the reprobates) behind in America each time he returned to his original home, only to return with similar and bigger crew numbers in the next voyages.


What do we think happened while Columbus was gone between voyages? These reprobates suddenly saw GOD and became born again or good people? Of course not; these reprobates ran through America like wild dogs and created the American ‘wild, wild west-cowboy mentality’ that still exists today. One can surmise that at some point, even Admiral Columbus was probably afraid of this pack of untamed dogs and their cowboy mentality. After these reprobates had decimated the American Indian communities and still needed more man power or labour forces to maintain and sustain their new found and stolen leverage, they turned their sights towards India but ended up on Africa soil. For good measure, Columbus’ original journey destination was India.

The original mentality of these reprobates from the very beginning was simple: land in America was vast, needed to be claimed and maintained by their people (white superiority) and at that, white people only. These new American vast lands needed to be cultivated but they lacked the manpower to do this. Getting people from Europe to come and do the hard work (labour work) of cultivating these vast lands for peanuts was not an option because of their greed as they did not want to share the profits with them. So these reprobates did the next thing most civilizations of the world as we know it had done: conquer, destroy and enslave. Hence the introduction of black men (in shackled ankles) to America was solely for agriculture and manpower purposes; as labour force for cotton fields. This new White America never viewed Africans as equal; Africans and African Americans were viewed as properties like horses, oxen and donkeys. In comparison, new European and later European Americans at the same time were given or rewarded with free lands, some equity, capital and absolute power over black people to join in biddings for black chained slave workers at auctions without constraints.


The argument that most white Americans or Europeans cling to that white people are socioeconomically successful because white people work harder than Africans or African Americans is simply false and absolutely nonsensical. Referencing African and African Americans to “Bootstrapping” and “taking the bull by the horns” greatly misinterprets and misdirects the overall picture.  It is extremely hard to lift oneself from nothing to something when all the possibilities (odds) are repeatedly stacked against you from the very beginning. Welfare, credit scores, housing projects, war on drugs, loans-auto, housing, IMF, G-7, G-8 and the World Bank; all have limits and restrictions to cross off or counter African and African American progresses by crook or by design. This is in contrast to Europeans that got all the above for free and still continue to benefit from this unjust inequality system created 400years ago. Yes, South Africa is a member of G-20 but only since 2007. Also, no African country has been granted acceptance into G-7 or G-8. But the same G-7 and G-8 don’t have any qualms exploiting 1.5 billion Africans and another one billion African descendants worldwide for greed and profits. It is simple mathematics; you can’t be part of something sustainable if you don’t have a seat at the table.


It is like saying Tim Tebow is the hardest working quarterback in the NFL and should be the best because he worked 10 times harder than Manning and Brady. But we know better, don’t we!  There is more to playing as a quarterback than a chiseled physique and big biceps. Tebow couldn’t throw an accurate football to an open wide receiver without being under pressure. Furthermore, Tebow couldn’t put his offensive lineman in proper format and adjust his format to compensate for free Blitzer before ball snaps. Tebow definitely couldn’t read or anticipate defense like Manning or Brady can. The difference between Manning versus Tebow is that Manning plays the game upstairs – with a lot of brain power – and Tebow plays downstairs – essentially with muscle power; hence Tebow played for 1-3 years compared to Manning’s 18 years in the spotlight.


The 1864 and 1865 13th amendment abolishment (it had been specified that a black man – African or African-American had only 3/5th or 60% of a white -European or European American’s congressional rights) is only paper weight. An abolishment doesn’t mean a damn thing if the core of the problem still stinks and persists. As we know from history, all it takes to contaminate or infect others is just one bad apple. An abolishment on its own merit does nothing to expunge the evil fabric or DNA of this original sin. The roots of a rotten tree or plant needs uprooting for a new seed or stump, or else it risks possible spread to other plants or trees like white racism does. This evil, inhumane mentality is still well and alive in our daily lives, spearheaded by mostly Southern states – old and original slave masters, KKK, white supremacy, electoral college illusion at local, states and national government levels and indeed, at all levels of the branches of government – legislative, judicial and executive.


Until America’s sins of their fathers – the 13th amendments abolishment and acknowledgement of the wrongs of slavery is integrated and instituted in elementary-college level education for at least the next 3-5 generations; this curse will always be hovering over and suffocating white America’s true identity. Officer Derek Chauvin didn’t value George Floyd as a human, he saw and treated Mr. Floyd like 3/5th or 60% of a human (an animal); hence he kneeled him to death with a cool, chilling, nonchalant tinge of white superiority; a happy hunter/predator straddling over dead prey (complete with a hands-in-pocket, photo-op pose) for over 8minutes. At the same time that they were asphyxiating Mr. Floyd, Officer Chauvin and his gang of four willfully ignored the cries of another human for help, with foam coming out of Mr. Floyd’s mouth (asphyxiation) and passers-by complaining that Floyd is not or can’t breathe. On his part, the other on-site officers were more concerned about “protecting the badge” and the “police institution” than the life of an already handcuffed and non-threatening human being. Even worse, the four officers disobeyed, ignored, disrespected one of God’s sacred rules, “love Thy neighbor as Thy self”, “be thy brother’s keeper”.


My simple but difficulty approach to fixing this problem is to educate more African Americans to move into the middle class bracket which has the majority of power influencers in the United States’ political system. To be a policeman in America all you need is a GED, which is a basic high school level education, hence the majority of police officers, some 80% that entered the system with their GED, lack the ability to comprehend true human values different from their experience. In retrospect, America forefathers might have unconsciously applied this element to benefit the few and subsequently protect themselves; after all, American forefathers were reprobates. In comparison, an average college student with 2-4 years of studies has acquired and learned skills that influence their humanity from psychology 101-301, sociology 101-301, literature 101-301, advanced mathematics 101-301, humanities 101-301, and other designed humanities courses. The same average 2-4years college students are better able to cope/adapt/comprehend different races/ethnicity situations than their GED counterparts.


I wonder if America’s founding fathers (reprobates) intentionally provided blueprints for GED police entrance level to create ongoing chaos and ensure slave owner always have the upper hand. In chaos, (riots and protests of injustice) government can always justify bringing out the big guns, water cannons and damned dogs to control the chaos just like had happened in previous protests in the Southern states and recent riots in front of the White House with the military, police and national guard clearing out peaceful protesters before already established curfew time for the president to walk to a church under the supervision of the Defense Secretary, the Attorney General and other cabinet appointees.


The only other way for African American to turn things around is to start to inter-breed like rats to change the face of America which this government and other governments won’t allow. Besides this inter-breeding is not sustainable and not in Africans or African Americans DNA. The average African American percentage of America population for the last 1-8 generation has fluctuated from 3% to around 15% currently. This growth trend is healthy and seems sustainable; the problem is that lesser African or African Americans are educated above the GED level, needless 2-4yrs college capability. In fact studies shows barely 1 out of 4 African American has a college degree compared to 2.7 of 6 whites, 1.8 of 4 of Asian descendants, 1.3 of 3 of African descendants living in the US, 1.2 of 4 Hispanics and 1.3 of 3 European descendants living in the US.


If Africans and African Americans can increase 2-4years college completion from 1 of 4 to 1.5 or 2 out of 4 that will manifest itself in every aspect of American life and will generate and garner more middle class power that can translate to sustainable political and socio-economical changes for current and future generations. The bad news is that white America will do everything to prevent this from becoming reality. The good side is there are successful black Americans out there that can combine forces and take on this initiative financially and socioeconomically.  The ugly side is the successful black Americans are divided, narrow-minded, tunnel visioned, belittled, selfish, arrogant and ignorant and self-serving to their own greedy hurt.


For example a pastor with four Mercedes Benz while his flock is barely peopled by 10% college graduates is not a solution to the problem. While this same pastor has 3-4 different homes and lives in a white neighborhood; only 1 out of 10 of his flock has a college degree, and 3-5 of those with college degrees cannot get a regular job. But this pastor in the name of God continues to accrue more wealth on the back of his diminishing socio-economical flock which some people refers to as a feature of capitalism and the every man for themselves mentality. African American millionaires are 8-10% compared with whites who make up 75% of the current U.S population excluding 10-15 African Americans who are worth over 2 billion dollars each. While I have no right to suggest how others should spend their money but I can reference that under similar circumstances all black or African Americans will likely meet the same fate as Trayvon Martin or Michael Floyd due to one constant – the color of their skin is not respectable.


If most African American sport athletes are honest with themselves, they will admit to getting grades for classes they never attended or classes designed just to pacify and benefit the school but exploit their athleticism. Paradoxically, it is this same athleticism (big, strong black man) which 30-60% of white people will consider threatening; subsequently calling the GED policeman and the GED policeman react with negative assumptions even before encountering the black man.


Most Americans still don’t comprehend the rationale that led to 911; all they care about is that OBL is dead and a bad man. But the truth is that American politics produce OBL. American government empowering a few (House of Saud -1 to 2% of Saudi Arabia population) to suppress and marginalize the rest of the country (over 90% of Saudi Arabia populace); led to radicalization of OBL, unlike Bob Marley, MLK and Gandhi who chose a different approach to propagate change. OBL’s true goal is/was to topple the house of Saud which he was part of and his call for changes fell on deaf ears and he choose extreme and radical means to seek justice. In this though, OBL’s choice defied and disrespected GOD/ALLAH’s sacred value, “thou shall not kill another man”.


White America has never atoned for sins and crimes committed against blacks and black people over the last 400years. Likewise paying reparations is currently not an option because the games are rigged with no accountability. So where do we go from here? Protesting and rioting are not sustainable means to implementing and activating permanent changes. If only people can protest for 2-3 straight generations day in and day out to undo damages of 6-10 generations. This is why Gandhi and MLK’s non-violence resistance examples come to mind as perhaps the pathway to enacting long-term sustainable change.


The question that I will then pose to my current white friends is simple: are you for or against progress? The biblical interpretation of the injunction to “go forth into the world and multiply” involves more than baby making.  A combined theological interpretation involving all three major religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) comprehends multiplication as involving the progressive betterment of oneself and one’s abilities. The BROWNIFICATION of America and the rest of the world is already ongoing and gathering steam. America and Europe are less white today than at any other times in the world history. To my white friends, you have three options: are you on the side of GOD’s progress or the sidelines or against God’s progress?







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