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Who will help Zimbabwe?


Despite Mugabe’s resignation, leadership drama continues

By Tajudeen Hamzat


The exit of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was believed by some to be an opportunity to usher in a new political era for the citizens of the country.

However, a critical review of several of the steps taken by the new government since then seem to suggest that it is not yet uhuru.

Among these steps are the continuing romance between the new government an the military and the seemingly embarrassing and most patronising reduction of the fine art of statecraft to being one that essentially revolves around arranging pay-offs for ‘senior citizens.’

First, it was resigning President Mugabe that was offered huge pay-outs. Now it is opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who died recently that will be getting his own! Meanwhile this is an economically hobbled nation, experiencing run-away inflation and whose citizens on account of economic deprivation, continue to escape the nation in droves!

Indeed, on Tuesday November 21, 2017 when Mugabe resigned, there was great jubilation in the country as it marked the end of an era and was coming after days of a military takeover. Now that joy is seeming to be shortlived and the world is watching Zimbabwe to see what becomes of the nation’s politics even as citizens expect a stable political and economic system after Mugabe’s fall. But will they get it?


Zimbabwe President, Emmerson Mnangagwa


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